Drive your Business through Latest Technologies

Automate operations. Innovate product offerings. Provide enhanced customer experiences. Find the best talent. Transform ideas into results.

Change is permanent and smart companies embrace it. Meet your future today by using the power of dynamic technologies. Driven by the right values, technology can help you reach millions across the world or bring to the fore services that were unimaginable until now. Let XTGlobal be your digital partner in the journey to the future!

Oracle Enterprise Solutions

Emerge into a leader with the power of emerging technologies such ad IOT, AI and Blockchain. With simplified operations through transformational technologies, experience greater customer engagement and increased revenues.

Software Services

Turn your ideas into reality, your challenges into your strengths with our advanced software tools that have a solution to evety adventure. Re-program your thughts into digitizable and actionable results to meet the future head-on.

Value Models

Fast changing conditions need secure and nimble competencies. Whatever be your need in terms of trained resources or secure infrastructure or automated product offerings, we can give you the right push over the finish line.

AP Automation Products for your Business

AP Automation is finally simple, powerful and affordable with Circulus. With minimal upfront cost and the departmental efficiencies and payment optimization capabilities, AP automation will immediately become a value-add to your organization versus a ‘cost center’. XTGlobal, under the Circulus brand name, offers Enterprise and Small & Medium Business accounts payable automation solutions to advance AP automation from standard procedure to strategic web-based powerhouse.